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Monsieur got her prize from masksarehot's giveaway!

Not only did I get both Attack on Titan vol. 1 and Attack on Jr. High vol. 1, Masks (who is one of the bestest writers I have had the pleasure of befriending via tumblr) also sent me a Mini Commander’s Choice Care Package with:

  • 4 varieties of loose leaf tea (Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait, Coco Chai Rooibis, Toasted Walnut, and David’s Organic Breakfast blends)! Tea is one of the best things ever invented, an absolute favorite of both Mun and Muse!
  • A personal sized little tea ball so Monsieur can make her loose leaf tea easily without getting her little teapot out for just one serving!
  • a bagful of Canadian Candy (Smarties, Coffee Crisp, and Truffle Pigs) !!! I’ve never had any of them and I can’t wait to stuff my face!

Thank you so much Masks! I can’t believe you put so much thought and love into your little care package! I can’t wait to drink my tea, eat a candy bar and read through both books!